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  • How to choose airless paint sprayer supplier? Nov 22, 2022
    The development of the construction industry has led to the development of modern machinery, so the use of airless paint sprayers is still very widespread, so we need to how to choose airless sprayers supplier? First of all, we all know that many modern people will think that the big brands of paint sprayers will be better, this view sometimes we can not deny, like many big brands in the world now, like Germany's Wagner, like the United States of America's Titan, these are among the world's top airless paint sprayers companies, so from the function, from the use of innovation is better, this is true, but we have to look at its price, the price of such brands is very expensive, can achieve the effect we want, but can not reach the case of our earnings, can not be affordable to buy, how to choose airless sprayer manufacturer is more critical. The first thing we all know is that we have to look at the price of airless sprayers, so we exclude many of the world's top brands, from a practical point of view, to buy cost-effective Chinese sprayers is a good choice. For example, China Fuzhou Yazhong Machinery Co Ltd, we are the source manufacturer and have our own factory, so our prices are very competitive. The second is the guarantee of quality. We have been in the field of spraying equipment for more than ten years and always insist on continuous research and innovation. Years of research and design are not as good as those of the world's top industries, but all our products have CE certification and quality is guaranteed. Then the after-sales service and guarantee is very important. The paint spraying machine is like our human body, through the continuous use of the old bad such a phenomenon, or the use of non-standard will lead to damage to the internal functions of the machinery, these are inseparable from the parts repair and after-sales protection. Fuzhou Yazhong Machinery Co Ltd not only produces airless spraying machines, but also produces a variety of spraying machine accessories, so in the after-sales maintenance has a wealth of experience and service capabilities. Finally, how to buy spraying machines or to combine their own needs. Either way, Fuzhou Yazhong Machinery is looking forward to any inquiries you may have, choose Yazhong Airless Paint Sprayers, your reliable supplier!
  • What should be know when choosing airless nozzles? What should be know when choosing airless nozzles? Nov 29, 2022
    Airless spray machines are mainly used for spraying materials such as anti-corrosion and fire protection materials, epoxy resins, or emulsion paints. When choosing airless spray tips, we need to understand the spray width and flow rate, the nozzle flow rate is the size of the calibre.  There are generally three types of nozzles, standard, finishing and abrasion resistant, indicated by the English symbols LTX (standard), FFT (finishing) and GHD (abrasion resistant), with the coded numbers introducing the spray width and aperture data. According to their needs, consumers can choose the model you want to buy, the following are the things we need to pay attention to when buying airless sprayer nozzles. Firstly, when the airless paint sprayers is used for spraying emulsion paint, in order to ensure the efficiency of the construction and the thickness of the emulsion paint, it is best to use a standard type of nozzle with a five-inch radius and a 0.0017-inch diameter as the best option. When spraying the corners of the walls, it is necessary to switch to a nozzle with a relatively small spray width. When painting external walls, we can use a nozzle with a spray radius of twelve inches, which will increase efficiency. However, as the spraying range becomes larger, it is best to choose a larger spraying machine to ensure uniform thickness in order to ensure the quality of the spraying. Secondly, when paint spraying machine spraying oil-based paint, we need to pay attention to the characteristics of the paint, oil-based paint density is low, strong liquidity, when the spray width is large, easy to cause the paint hanging, this time we had better use the finishing type of nozzle, this type of nozzle atomisation effect is better, can be more liquid paint spraying more evenly, in reducing the wear and tear on the nozzle at the same time to extend the use of the nozzle time. Thirdly, when using the high pressure paint sprayer to spray fireproof and anti-corrosive materials, we need to use the standard type of nozzle, as these spraying materials contain granular substances on the nozzle wear and tear is more serious, so here we still recommend that you use the wear-resistant nozzle. When spraying anti-corrosion materials, we need to consider the problem that the thickness of the anti-corrosion material sprayed is relatively heavy, it is best to use a larger diameter nozzle when choosing a nozzle, but for steel structure of anti-corrosion materials, it is best to use a spray nozzle with a spray radius of 5 inches or less, so as to reduce the waste of paint and improve the use of paint.
  • Airless technique of paint sprayers Dec 21, 2022
    Various techniques are used in paint spraying. One of the best known techniques is the "airless" technique. Airless literally means 'without air' and, as many people believe, it produces little or no overs pray. In fact, the paint is forced under pressure through a small hole in the nozzle, so mark x airless paint sprayer are not actually 'airless'. An airless sprayer usually consists of a suction pump which forces the paint under pressure through the nozzle. The paint can be emulsions, stains, wall coatings, primers and undercoats or any other water-based and/or synthetic-based liquid. Structural paints (granular solids) cannot normally be sprayed by airless machines. Almost all types of paint can be applied using airless spraying. This is because it is available in hundreds of special nozzle sizes, from those that can handle very viscous liquids to those that can handle very thin liquids. Simply snap the nozzle into the paint gun and you can easily change to thicker or thinner paints. Airless sprayers are usually better suited to spraying large areas and in almost all cases are a practical solution for interior wall paints (emulsions). Almost any airless sprayer can handle large painting and staining projects. If you want to spray thicker paint for outdoor projects (outdoor latex), specialist paints or fire retardants, you will usually need a larger nozzle. You should double check that the machine you buy has sufficient capacity for the job. The instruction manual that comes with each paint sprayer will explain the maximum tip size that the machine can accommodate. Airless spray tips represent spray results, large surface areas, durability, spray patterns and relatively long cleaning and set-up times. Due to the relatively wide spray pattern (over spray), you will need more tape than with other techniques. However, once you start, you will soon be creating very good finishes on walls, blinds, woodwork, boats etc. Commonly used projects with airless sprayers are: interior and exterior walls, wooden (garden) sheds, boats (especially with two-component coatings), series furniture, doors, floors, impregnation work, etc.

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