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  • How to choose airless spray tips? Oct 31, 2022
    Airless spray machine spraying material composition materials mainly to anti-corrosion and fire protection materials, epoxy resin, or latex paint, in the choice of airless spray tips we have to think of the two aspects of the problem, one is the spray width, the other is the flow is also the size of the caliber. Paint sprayer nozzles are generally divided into three types, respectively standard, finishing and wear-resistant, expressed in English symbols are LTX (standard), FFT (finishing), GHD (wear-resistant), the number of the code is the introduction of the spray width and calibre data. In accordance with their true wishes, consumers can choose the model you want to buy, and only through this method can they be assured that it is exactly what they need in reality. Here are some of the things we need to be aware of when buying a sprayer nozzle When using airless paint sprayer to spray fireproof and anti-corrosive materials, we need to use a standard type of nozzle. As the granular material contained in these sprayed materials is a serious wear and tear on the nozzle, it is still recommended here that you use a wear-resistant nozzle. When spraying anti-corrosion materials, we need to consider the problem that the thickness of the anti-corrosion material sprayed is relatively heavy, it is best to use a larger diameter nozzle when choosing airless spray nozzle, but for steel construction of anti-corrosion materials, it is best to use a nozzle with a spray radius of 5 inches or less, which will reduce the waste of paint and improve the use of paint. When the paint sprayer is used to spray emulsion paint, in order to ensure the efficiency of the construction and the thickness of the emulsion paint, it is best to use a standard type nozzle with a spray radius of five inches and a calibre of 0.0017 inches as the best option. When spraying the corners of the walls, it is necessary to switch to a nozzle with a relatively small spray width. When painting external walls, we can use a nozzle with a spray radius of twelve inches, which will increase efficiency. However, due to the larger spray range, it is best to choose a larger spraying machine to ensure a uniform thickness in order to ensure the quality of the spraying. When paint spraying machine spraying oil-based paint, we need to pay attention to the characteristics of the paint, oil-based paint density is low, strong liquidity, when the spray width is large, easy to cause the paint hanging, it is best to use the finishing type of nozzle, this type of nozzle atomisation effect is better, can be more liquid paint spraying more evenly, in reducing the wear and tear on the nozzle at the same time to extend the use of the nozzle time. The above describes so much about the use of spraying machine nozzle, the first contact with this equipment, many people will be confused, do not know what this machine is for, more do not know how to choose when using, in fact, this equipment looks huge, extremely complex, in fact, the working principle is still relatively simple, the general personnel after a simple training, can be skilled operation, save time and effort, the above I believe that you should have a certain understanding of this equipment, I hope that these introductions can produce a certain amount of help to the practical use of everyone.
  • Airless technique of paint sprayers Dec 21, 2022
    Various techniques are used in paint spraying. One of the best known techniques is the "airless" technique. Airless literally means 'without air' and, as many people believe, it produces little or no overs pray. In fact, the paint is forced under pressure through a small hole in the nozzle, so mark x airless paint sprayer are not actually 'airless'. An airless sprayer usually consists of a suction pump which forces the paint under pressure through the nozzle. The paint can be emulsions, stains, wall coatings, primers and undercoats or any other water-based and/or synthetic-based liquid. Structural paints (granular solids) cannot normally be sprayed by airless machines. Almost all types of paint can be applied using airless spraying. This is because it is available in hundreds of special nozzle sizes, from those that can handle very viscous liquids to those that can handle very thin liquids. Simply snap the nozzle into the paint gun and you can easily change to thicker or thinner paints. Airless sprayers are usually better suited to spraying large areas and in almost all cases are a practical solution for interior wall paints (emulsions). Almost any airless sprayer can handle large painting and staining projects. If you want to spray thicker paint for outdoor projects (outdoor latex), specialist paints or fire retardants, you will usually need a larger nozzle. You should double check that the machine you buy has sufficient capacity for the job. The instruction manual that comes with each paint sprayer will explain the maximum tip size that the machine can accommodate. Airless spray tips represent spray results, large surface areas, durability, spray patterns and relatively long cleaning and set-up times. Due to the relatively wide spray pattern (over spray), you will need more tape than with other techniques. However, once you start, you will soon be creating very good finishes on walls, blinds, woodwork, boats etc. Commonly used projects with airless sprayers are: interior and exterior walls, wooden (garden) sheds, boats (especially with two-component coatings), series furniture, doors, floors, impregnation work, etc.
  • Common type of airless sprayer spare parts May 29, 2023
    As an airless sprayer owner or a painting professional, you know how crucial it is to have your painting equipment run smoothly and efficiently. With airless sprayer spare parts, you can ensure that your sprayer is always in top condition and ready to handle any painting job. Airless sprayer spare parts are designed to replace worn out or damaged parts of your paint sprayer, allowing it to function at maximum capacity. These parts include airless spray tips, airless filters, pump repair kits, airless hoses, and many other essential components. By investing in high-quality airless spare parts, you can extend the life of your airless sprayer and save costs by avoiding expensive replacements or repairs. One common type of airless sprayer spare part is the spray tip. Spray tips come in various sizes and types, depending on the type of surface you’re painting and the thickness of the paint you’re using. With regular use, spray tips can wear out or become damaged, leading to decreased performance or uneven spray patterns. By replacing worn out spray tips with new ones, you can ensure that your paint sprayer is consistently delivering a high-quality finish. Another critical airless sprayer spare part is the pump repair kit. The piston pump is the heart of your paint sprayer and is responsible for pumping the paint at high pressure. Over time, the pump can become worn out or damaged and may require repair or replacement. A pump repair kit typically includes all the components required to overhaul and repair your sprayer's pump, including O-rings, valves, and gaskets.

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