Airless paint sprayer filters
  • How to use high pressure airless sprayer safely? Sep 08, 2022
    High pressure airless paint sprayers use a high-pressure plunger pump to pressurize the paint to 3000 PSI (210 kg/cm). The paint is delivered to the spray gun through a high-pressure hose, and the pressure is released through the nozzle to form atomization that creates a dense coating on the surface of the wall. Since no compressed air is required to atomize the paint, it is called airless spraying. 1. Before using this high-pressure airless spray machine, please make sure to read carefully and strictly comply with the requirements of this instruction manual. 2. The high-pressure airless sprayer must be placed smoothly and securely during the operation. The operator must pay attention to personal safety in the process of operation, if necessary, with a good protective cover and work cap after the operation. 3. The workplace should be well ventilated. The motor power cord and high pressure tube should not be stacked on the items or be stepped on, pressed etc. The high pressure pipe should be unobstructed on the way to be dragged during the operation to avoid damage to the high pressure pipe. 4. The voltage and frequency of the power supply used must be consistent with the nameplate on the motor. 5. Check carefully to confirm that the fasteners of the high-pressure airless sprayer are fastened securely before connecting to the power supply, and check to confirm that the pipe joints are connected securely. 6. To improve the service life of this high-pressure airless sprayer, the paint used should be clean, free of impurities and not deteriorated, and should be filtered through a filter of 80 mesh or more. 7. Pressure adjustment should not be greater than 200bar. If the high-pressure tube is replaced, the tube selected must be uniformly equipped by the paint sprayer manufacturer. 8. At no time is not allowed to point the gun at others, when operating to prevent the splash of paint on the operator's body, especially eye injury. 9. Don’t allow use the high-pressure airless sprayer spray acid, corrosive substances, toxic chemicals (such as pesticides, pesticides, etc.). Do not use banana water, dimethyl dumb and other solvents for spraying operations.during the operation, the operator should not eat food, do not smoke. 10. After the completion of the spraying operation, to unload the flow, unload the pressure, and then turn off the motor, and then immediately clean the parts of the paint flow through the cleaning solution, wash the residue, it is strictly prohibited to clean with boiling water. 11. When moving the airless sprayer, generally cut off the power supply, motor and plug are not allowed to contact with water and paint, keep the machine clean and dry. 12. The tools used in any fastening, adjustment and maintenance of this airless sprayer should be suitable and the operation should be standardized to prevent damage to the machine or the person. 13. Do not allow arbitrary changes to the structure of this airless sprayer. Do not use spare parts that do not meet the requirements.
  • How to clean electric high-pressure airless sprayer? Sep 19, 2022
    There are several steps to cleaning electric high-pressure airless sprayer. Turn off the airless spray gun safety. Turn off the sprayer equipment power switch and use the return valve to release the pressure in the equipment (just turn the return valve counterclockwise). Remove the nozzle and soak it in a small bucket with clean solvent or water and rotate the return valve counterclockwise (note: the paint sprayer return valve cannot be unscrewed in its entirety). Lift the airless suction tube so that it leaves the paint bucket and open the equipment so that the paint in the equipment flows out from the return tube. Prepare a metal bucket with water or clean solvent, please do not use industrial alcohol to clean the equipment, industrial alcohol will gum up the internal seals of the equipment. Put the suction tube into the metal bucket, make the water or solvent circulate in the equipment for 2-3 minutes, and turn off the power switch. In order to save the remaining paint in the paint tube, pull down the trigger by aligning the nozzle to the wall of the paint bucket, tighten the return valve clockwise, at this time, you need to pay attention to the splash of paint, when the solvent or clean water appears in the paint, close the spray nozzle and put the nozzle into the metal bucket. Knock down the trigger to make clean solvent or clear water circulate in the spray equipment for 2-3 minutes, turn off the power switch. Lift the suction tube to make the suction tube leave the metal barrel with clean water or solvent, and set the return valve in the return position. Turn on the power switch to make the solvent in the equipment discharged from the reflux tube. Prepare some clean solvent or water and use low pressure to make it circulate in the paint spray equipment until it is clean. If you use water to clean, you can add a little equipment protection liquid in the water, so that it can reduce the possibility of rusting in the equipment. Take out the suction tube from the metal barrel with solvent or water and clean the airless suction tube strainer. Check the equipment and nozzle filter screen for blockage and damage, and clean or replace if necessary. Remove the nozzle from the pail containing solvent or water and gently brush the nozzle clean with a soft brush and blow clean with compressed air and store in a dry place. WARNING: Since this equipment airless sprayer is a high pressure device, please read the cautions and warning labels on the operation manual carefully when operating.
  • How to clean and maintenance airless paint sprayers? Nov 08, 2022
    The cleaning and maintenance methods and steps of airless paint sprayers: 1. After the spraying operation is over, the airless sprayer should be cleaned immediately to remove the residual paint in various parts where the paint flows to prevent it from hardening and causing blockage. When cleaning, just replace the paint with the corresponding solvent and spray according to the operation, until all the paint in the body, high-pressure pipe and spray gun is sprayed out. 2. After using the airless paint sprayer for a period of time, it is necessary to clean the filter screen of the spray gun. The method is: remove the movable joint and the buckle, unscrew the handle of the airless spray gun, take out the filter element in the handle and clean it, and then put it back in order, Tighten. If the filter element is found to be damaged during cleaning, it should be replaced with a new airless sprayer filter element. 3. If the spraying is not smooth during the spraying process, check and clean the suction filter in time. Generally, the airless suction filter should be cleaned after each shift. 4. Regularly check whether the fasteners are loose and whether the seals are leaking. 5. Under normal circumstances, after three months of continuous use of the airless sprayer machine, open the pump cover to check whether the hydraulic oil is clean and lacking. If the hydraulic oil is clean but missing, add it; if the hydraulic oil is not clean, replace it. When replacing the hydraulic oil, first clean the oil cavity of the pump body with kerosene, and then add hydraulic oil with a volume of about 85% of the oil cavity, which is equivalent to about 10mm between the oil surface and the top of the pump body. 5. If you still need to use it the next day after each use, please do not drain the liquid in the suction pipe, body and high pressure hose pipe, or do any disassembly, just soak the suction pipe and discharge pipe spray gun in the It can be stored in the corresponding solvent; if it needs to be stored for a long time, the liquid in the machine should be drained, and it should be packaged and stored according to the new paint machine state.
  • What size tip do you need for your airless sprayer? Mar 17, 2023
    What size airless spray tips do you need for your airless sprayer? Depending on the material you are applying, you will need different sized airless sprayer tips. Airless Paint Sprayer Nozzle Guides Small airless spray nozzle Anywhere from 0.009 in. to 0.013 in. For low viscosity materials such as stains Medium airless spray nozzle Anywhere from 0.015 in. to 0.19 in. For medium-viscosity materials such as latex, oil-based primers Large airless spray nozzle 0.021in to 0.31 (or larger)  For industrial coatings such as epoxy resins, fireproof coatings
  • Common type of airless sprayer spare parts May 29, 2023
    As an airless sprayer owner or a painting professional, you know how crucial it is to have your painting equipment run smoothly and efficiently. With airless sprayer spare parts, you can ensure that your sprayer is always in top condition and ready to handle any painting job. Airless sprayer spare parts are designed to replace worn out or damaged parts of your paint sprayer, allowing it to function at maximum capacity. These parts include airless spray tips, airless filters, pump repair kits, airless hoses, and many other essential components. By investing in high-quality airless spare parts, you can extend the life of your airless sprayer and save costs by avoiding expensive replacements or repairs. One common type of airless sprayer spare part is the spray tip. Spray tips come in various sizes and types, depending on the type of surface you’re painting and the thickness of the paint you’re using. With regular use, spray tips can wear out or become damaged, leading to decreased performance or uneven spray patterns. By replacing worn out spray tips with new ones, you can ensure that your paint sprayer is consistently delivering a high-quality finish. Another critical airless sprayer spare part is the pump repair kit. The piston pump is the heart of your paint sprayer and is responsible for pumping the paint at high pressure. Over time, the pump can become worn out or damaged and may require repair or replacement. A pump repair kit typically includes all the components required to overhaul and repair your sprayer's pump, including O-rings, valves, and gaskets.
  • Yazhong 495 Airless Sprayer for Your DIY Projects Jun 12, 2023
    If you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional painter looking for a reliable, high-performance airless sprayer, the Yazhong 495 paint sprayer is one of the best choices on the market. This versatile sprayer is designed to handle a variety of painting and coating applications, from residential to commercial projects. One of the key features of the Yazhong 495 Paint Sprayer is its ability to deliver a consistent, even spray pattern without any downtime. This is due to its robust motor and efficient pump system that can handle up to 0.54 gallons per minute, enabling you to quickly finish painting projects. Additionally, the 495's ProConnect feature makes it easy to replace its pump in a matter of minutes, which means you won't have to waste time waiting for maintenance support. Another great feature of the Yazhong 495 is its easy-to-use design. It's lightweight and compact, making it easy to maneuver around tight spots and hard-to-reach areas. With its adjustable pressure control, you can also customize your spray patterns to suit your specific needs, from thin coat coverage to thick coatings. Moreover, the Yazhong 495 airless paint sprayer is a versatile sprayer that can work with a range of materials, including solvent-based, water-based, and high-viscosity coatings. And thanks to its flexible intake tube, you can spray directly from a 1- or 5-gallon container, making it simple to switch between different paints or coatings as needed. One of the standout features of the Yazhong 495 is its durability. Made with high-quality materials, this airless sprayer is built to last and withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. This is especially important for commercial painters who need a reliable, long-lasting sprayer that can handle heavy-duty painting projects. Finally, the Yazhong 495 is a user-friendly airless sprayer that comes with clear instructions and easy-to-use controls. It's hassle-free to set up and use, making it a perfect choice for DIY enthusiasts and home improvement projects. Plus, with its intuitive design, even those new to airless sprayers can quickly learn how to operate it and produce professional-looking results. In conclusion, the Yazhong 495 is a reliable, versatile, and durable airless sprayer that can handle a broad range of projects, from interior walls to exterior siding. Its ProConnect Airless Sprayer, user-friendly design, and easy-to-use controls make it one of the best airless sprayers on the market. Whether you're a professional painter or a DIY enthusiast looking to achieve professional-quality results, the Yazhong 495 airless sprayer is the perfect companion for your next project.

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