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  • Why choose high pressure airless paint sprayer? Aug 18, 2022
    The high-pressure airless paint sprayer is a spraying technology that does not require air. Make the paint adhere to the object to be coated at high speed. The application of high pressure airless spraying machine in the construction of latex paint walls has many obvious benefits: 1. Improve the coating quality. Airless spraying can not only atomize high-viscosity paint, but also the surface of latex paint applied by airless spraying is smooth and dense, without brush marks and rolling marks. 2. Speed ​​up construction. The construction efficiency of airless spray machine is as high as 300 square meters per hour, which is 12 to 15 times that of the traditional rolling brush process! 3. Increase paint utilization. Due to the uneven thickness of the paint film in the traditional roller brushing method, the usage rate of the paint is greatly reduced, while the airless spraying can ensure that the paint film is uniform and the thickness is consistent. 4. Extend paint life. When the paint adheres to the surface of the coated object under high speed and high pressure, it will form a mechanical bite force, so that the paint particles can penetrate deeper into the pores of the wall, enhance the adhesion of the paint film, and prolong the life of the paint film. In the early days, high-pressure airless sprayers were widely used in the spraying of industrial projects such as shipbuilding, steel structures, and heavy anti-corrosion. With the continuous development of the construction industry, airless spraying technology has also been gradually applied to the spraying of construction-related projects, and has been popularized in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Since high-quality latex paint with a high unit price has been used, if you want to obtain the same high-quality wall effect, using a high-pressure airless sprayer is an inevitable choice.
  • Notes on operating the airless sprayer Sep 26, 2022
    Firstly, the operation precautions of airless paint sprayers as following: When spraying, do not put your fingers, palms or any part of your body in contact with the airless spray nozzle. It is strictly forbidden to point the airless nozzle at yourself or others. It is strictly forbidden to spray after removing the nozzle sheath. The spray gun safety must be turned off at all times except for spraying or cleaning. Please relieve pressure before performing any repair or maintenance on the airless paint machine. When cleaning airless sprayers, do not use bleach or strong acid and alkali solvents. It must be equipped with the appropriate power regulator. Secondly, the operation precautions of construction precautions as following: Please work in a well-ventilated and well-lit place. Do not work in the area with sparks or combustible materials. Do not idle the airless spray machine for more than 10 seconds without paint. This airless spraying machine can not be used in the glue containing ingredients or particles and solvent-free or strong corrosive paint spraying. Some paint spraying equipment can only use 220 volts single-phase electricity, is strictly prohibited to connect 380 volts power supply, otherwise it will burn the motor. Then unplug the power socket, do not pull the equipment power cord. When spraying, do not smoke. Do not take any injury situation lightly. If not handled properly may cause serious consequences. Once the injury please be sure to consult a doctor.
  • What is the difference to use an airless paint sprayers? Dec 13, 2022
    What is the difference between the traditional manual application of emulsion paint or the use of airless sprayers for the application of walls? Nowadays, there are many paint companies that offer a free painting service for homeowners, but they are often only responsible for painting or spraying, and often take a non-responsible attitude towards the base treatment of the walls. There are also many users who intend to buy their own paint and decorate themselves, and are considering whether it is better to apply manual brushing or machine spraying. If economic strength allows, or if you want to pursue a relatively high quality wall, of course, or choose airless spraying machine spraying is better, after all, the texture of the spray out is certainly brush out does not have. If you don't think it's worth buying the equipment once, you can also search online for airless spraying equipment for hire, which is better. Because latex paint is a high-viscosity water-based paint, so spraying before the grassroots treatment of the wall and other important, or it will reduce the decorative effect of latex paint, which is why some paint company workers for free after the user painted the wall particles obvious, not as beautiful as the brochure up to the reason. After the base is cleaned and the surface is scraped with putty to smooth out the gaps and depressions, we can then paint on it. As airless sprayers are relatively expensive, the average painter will not configure them, but of course it can't be said that there are absolutely none. Most people still paint the same way as in the early days, with a brush or a roller, plus a paint can directly on the wall, and because latex paint is highly viscous, it often needs to be diluted before it is applied. This directly reduces the elasticity of the emulsion paint, making it poorly dustproof and less decorative in the later stages of use, while easily producing cracks. In addition, traditional hand-brushing is time consuming and the utilisation rate of paint is relatively low, so I do not recommend it here. The walls are smooth as a mirror after spraying with an Electric airless putty texture paint sprayer spray machine, and the coating is so even and fine that you can't find any traces of paint on it, with a strong texture and fast working time, so it is a more efficient and high quality way of treating walls. But at a later stage if there is a problem with the wall and it needs to be repaired there is often a certain amount of trouble because basically the workers won't come over with an airless sprayer and spray it again for you, they can only use a brush, but this will leave obvious traces of brushing on the wall and the texture and effect of the two methods is certainly very different, so it is better for families with the financial means to have their own airless sprayer. The two methods are definitely different in texture and effect.
  • How to choose the right spraying equipment? Feb 10, 2023
    When purchasing liquid spray equipment, it is critical to choose the technology that is best for your application. Since there are many factors to consider, it helps to understand the differences between air spray machine, airless spray machine, or air-assisted airless spray technologies. Air spraying uses a low-pressure fluid stream mixed with compressed air at the air cap to atomize the material in a controlled manner. It is used for applications with low to medium viscosity fluids for products requiring high quality, Class A or decorative finishes. Airless spraying machine uses a high-pressure fluid supply for atomization without the use of compressed air. It is used for medium to high viscosity fluids, provides lower surface quality, and contributes to speed and transfer efficiency. Airless spray atomization is created by fluid pressure pushing the material through the orifice. As the fluid flows out, friction between the fluid stream and the atmosphere breaks down into small particles. The airless spray tip size and pressure determine the flow rate. High pressure paint sprayer creates a complete pattern - the higher the viscosity of the material, the higher the pressure required. Each spraying technique has advantages and disadvantages. Air spraying is best for products requiring a high quality finish, but is not as efficient in transfer. Airless has higher transfer efficiency and is typically used for protective rather than decorative coatings. Air Assisted Airless offers high production levels and high quality finishes. To determine the best technology for your application, identify your spray requirements.

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