Airless paint sprayer filters
  • How to choose the right spraying equipment? Feb 10, 2023
    When purchasing liquid spray equipment, it is critical to choose the technology that is best for your application. Since there are many factors to consider, it helps to understand the differences between air spray machine, airless spray machine, or air-assisted airless spray technologies. Air spraying uses a low-pressure fluid stream mixed with compressed air at the air cap to atomize the material in a controlled manner. It is used for applications with low to medium viscosity fluids for products requiring high quality, Class A or decorative finishes. Airless spraying machine uses a high-pressure fluid supply for atomization without the use of compressed air. It is used for medium to high viscosity fluids, provides lower surface quality, and contributes to speed and transfer efficiency. Airless spray atomization is created by fluid pressure pushing the material through the orifice. As the fluid flows out, friction between the fluid stream and the atmosphere breaks down into small particles. The airless spray tip size and pressure determine the flow rate. High pressure paint sprayer creates a complete pattern - the higher the viscosity of the material, the higher the pressure required. Each spraying technique has advantages and disadvantages. Air spraying is best for products requiring a high quality finish, but is not as efficient in transfer. Airless has higher transfer efficiency and is typically used for protective rather than decorative coatings. Air Assisted Airless offers high production levels and high quality finishes. To determine the best technology for your application, identify your spray requirements.

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