Airless paint sprayer filters
  • Notes on operating the airless sprayer Sep 26, 2022
    Firstly, the operation precautions of airless paint sprayers as following: When spraying, do not put your fingers, palms or any part of your body in contact with the airless spray nozzle. It is strictly forbidden to point the airless nozzle at yourself or others. It is strictly forbidden to spray after removing the nozzle sheath. The spray gun safety must be turned off at all times except for spraying or cleaning. Please relieve pressure before performing any repair or maintenance on the airless paint machine. When cleaning airless sprayers, do not use bleach or strong acid and alkali solvents. It must be equipped with the appropriate power regulator. Secondly, the operation precautions of construction precautions as following: Please work in a well-ventilated and well-lit place. Do not work in the area with sparks or combustible materials. Do not idle the airless spray machine for more than 10 seconds without paint. This airless spraying machine can not be used in the glue containing ingredients or particles and solvent-free or strong corrosive paint spraying. Some paint spraying equipment can only use 220 volts single-phase electricity, is strictly prohibited to connect 380 volts power supply, otherwise it will burn the motor. Then unplug the power socket, do not pull the equipment power cord. When spraying, do not smoke. Do not take any injury situation lightly. If not handled properly may cause serious consequences. Once the injury please be sure to consult a doctor.
  • What are the wearing parts of the airless paint sprayers? Nov 15, 2022
    If you want to understand high pressure electric airless paint sprayer, you need to understand its accessories, be familiar with its entire equipment structure and get a basic overview of the equipment so that you can use it better. There are many accessories for high pressure airless sprayers, each of which plays its own unique role and without which the paint spraying equipment cannot function properly. When it comes to sprayers, the first accessory that comes to mind is probably the paint spray gun, from which the paint is sprayed, without which the paint cannot be sprayed onto the worktop. There are many types of spray guns, such as automatic spray guns, high pressure spray guns, high pressure extended spray guns, etc. The guns are also equipped with rotary joints and rotary nozzles, so customers can choose these spray guns according to their needs. The main component on the spray gun is the spray nozzle, as the role of the airless spray nozzle most directly affects the effect of spraying and quality, so it is recommended that we focus on protecting the nozzle, when not in use to the nozzle jacket with, to play a protective role to ensure the quality of spraying. The next step is the high pressure resin tube. After the paint has been applied at high pressure in the airless sprayer, it is transmitted to the outside world via a high pressure hose pipe. Resin tubes are generally of good quality and have a long service life, so you can use them with confidence. Many people do not know that there are extensions to the spray bar, which can be made to a certain length to meet the special needs of the customer. Also, high pressure airless sprayers are equipped with ordinary mufflers or aluminium mufflers, to reduce the noise generated by the operation of the equipment to a certain extent, so as not to disturb others. Last but not least are these sprayer accessories, such as pneumatic mixers, airless sealing rings, square drain valves, screen assemblies, v-rings and so on, all of which are also involved in the work of the high pressure airless sprayer. This is a brief introduction to some of the high pressure airless sprayer accessories. To learn more about paint sprayers, you can contact us for more information.
  • What are the advantages of the mortar spraying machine? Dec 06, 2022
    Airless paint machine have been used in the production of products since the beginning of the last century. Their main function is to atomize the surface of the product in order to improve the quality of the coating. Among the paint spraying equipment, the airless spraying technology, as well as the high pressure airless spraying technology, are the most advanced and efficient. With the passage of time and the continuous innovation of scientific and technical personnel, spraying equipment has also appeared in the spraying technology more advanced mortar spraying equipment. So, how much do the majority of building construction friends know about the use of mortar spraying equipment? Mortar sprayers are more suitable for painting walls, car surfaces and ship surfaces. Among the many types of paint, mortar spray machine is the best and most efficient for spraying water-based emulsion paints. The main advantage of water-based emulsion paints is that they are non-toxic, easy to clean and do not cause pollution to the environment. At the same time, the colour range of water-based emulsion paints is also quite rich compared to other ordinary advanced paints. Therefore, mortar spraying equipment for waterborne emulsion paint can be used to improve the quality and life of the coating on the surface of the product. For some huge product painting jobs, the efficiency of wall mortar spray machine is undoubtedly one of the most efficient among the types of spraying equipment compared to other types of sprayers. This means that products that require painting processes such as walls and furniture can be sprayed at an even and efficient rate after the paint has been pressurised and atomised on all parts of the wall or furniture. There is one more thing to note about the use of mortar spraying equipment. When the mortar sprayer has finished spraying the surface of the product, the parts need to be dismantled in the correct order according to the instructions for the mortar spraying equipment. The aim is to rinse the parts with clean water in order to extend the life of the parts and the external frame.

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