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How to extend the life of high pressure airless sprayers? October 24, 2022

Many buyers come to purchase high pressure airless paint sprayer for a variety of purposes, some for the quality of the coating and some to shorten the work period. But generally speaking, high pressure airless sprayers are more expensive, the purchaser will expect them to have a long service life. But there are many people who use the high-pressure airless sprayer improperly in the process, resulting in the rapid destruction of the high-pressure airless sprayer. Here we will give you a brief introduction on how to extend the life of the high-pressure airless sprayer.

First of all, it is important to clean the barrel of debris and the remaining spraying pigment before and after use, and to thoroughly clean the sprayer after each job to prevent clogging and damage to the various parts of the airless spray machine.

Secondly, before using the high pressure airless sprayer, the power cord and related equipment should be checked for damage to ensure that no dangerous accidents occur when using the airless sprayer mahcine, and the wire box and other wiring should be neatly placed on top of the high pressure airless sprayer after use. While in use, the sprayer's vacuum hose should not be overstretched and bent to prevent breakage, which could result in spillage of the sprayed material and create a hazard.

Again, when using the high-pressure airless sprayer, it is important to be gentle with it to prevent it from falling or being hit hard. And when the machine is not in use, the high-pressure airless sprayer should be placed in a ventilated and dry place to prevent rusting due to excessive contact with moisture, which affects the life of the machine.

Fourth, when cleaning the wall putty spray machine, you should use a moist or soft cloth with a neutral cleaner to wipe it. Forbidden to save trouble, the sprayer's main head is strictly forbidden to immerse in water cleaning, but also in the cleaning time can not save trouble and use gasoline and other strong corrosive cleaning agents, otherwise it will damage the shell of the machine. At the same time can not make the machine in a long continuous working state, the sprayer should stop using after two hours of continuous use, wait for the machine temperature to return to normal and then start using again. And if the high pressure airless sprayer is used for a long time, the spraying ability of the sprayer will decrease and the life of the sprayer will be shortened.

Finally, if the temperature of the electric airless paint sprayer is too high, or if it emits a burning smell, or if there are abnormal vibrations and loud noises, send it for repair in time to avoid safety accidents.

The above is the knowledge of how to maintain the high-pressure airless sprayer to extend the life of use. Welcome to inquiry and contact us.


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